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Summer is nearly here

Posted on 1st June 2015


Asparagus is one of our favourites for the summer months


Olive oil poached salmon with asparagus

The fresh green tender stalks can be steamed and served with poached Scottish Highland salmon, pea purée and our other favourite, Jersey Royals, for a lovely light first course.

We sometimes use them in a dish with soft-poached Burford Brown eggs, fresh peas and broad beans.

Pea and Jersey Royal Cannelloni with Charred Asparagus and Asparagus Veloute

Pea and Jersey Royal cannelloni with charred asparagus and asparagus veloute

Alternatively, after steaming, they are quickly charred to give a smoky flavour and are served with those Jersey Royals which we use to fill a potato ‘cannelloni’ and turn into a creamy velouté for an amazing vegetarian main course.

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic, foraged by our Head Pastry Chef Tarryn and blended with olive oil

Jersey Royals

Jersey Royals, get them while they’re hot and buttered!