welcome to versailles

with ourĀ French inspired table

Inspired by the 17th century Palace of Versaille, our table is fit for a monarch. Equally as opulent, the show-stopping dishes take centre stage.

Sourdough Goats Curd 3

grilled borough white sourdough

with goats curd, local honey, crispy shallots and hydro salad

Bistro Gnocchi Peaches Smoked Mozzarella 2

bistro parmesan gnocchi with toasted halloumi

grilled peach, herb oil and hydro cress

2017_04_07 Alison Price_0395vF_HIGH Res

versaille inspired table setting

centered around unique crystal glassware and specialty plates from Jones Hire

Herb Gnocchi, Peach, Smoked Mozzarella 2

bespoke parmesan gnocchi with toasted halloumi

grilled peach, shaved asparagus, puffed rice crumb and parmesan froth

2017_04_07 Alison Price_0438vF_HIGH Res

yuzu, rose and raspberry magnum

raspberry curd, turkish delight and frosted rose petals

2017_04_07 Alison Price_0379vF_HIGH Res

a truly regal table

clothed in majestic yellow chartreuse damask linen, with touches of pink and fresh green foliage