into the woods

with our woodland inspired table

Sunlight filtering through branches, ferns and foliage casts a dappled light on to our table, reminiscent of dining in a forest glade. Lean and healthy venison, truffle,and wild blackberries fill our plates.

2016_10_30 Alison Price_0396_VF_High Res

Parmesan gnocchi, crispy sage leaves

walnuts from Sienna and tarragon oil

2016_10_30 Alison Price_0347_VF_High Res

Muntjac venison tartare

coal oil, variations of stampede chokes and native black truffle

2016_11_01 Alison Price_0739vF_High Res

Roasted venison loin with bbq salsify

crispy cavalo nero, pickled blackberries and giroles, venison jus

2016_11_01 Alison Price_0695vF_High Res

Matcha mousse and dehydrated chocolate shards

with meringue and matcha crisps

2016_10_30 Alison Price_0361_VF_High Res

Apple and blackberry macaroons

with a pipette of mulled cider

2016_10_30 Alison Price_0201_VF_High Res

Cool greens and greys

highlight sparkling glassware, cutlery and plates, all from Jones Hire